Day 4: Morning at Escalante National Monument

Image: campsite at Escalante National Monument

Last night, we found a camp spot on a flat sand dune in the vicinity of Escalante National Monument. Today is the fourth day of our trip. We woke up to another refreshingly cold morning and cooked breakfast.

As soon as the sun peaks from the horizon, the temperature rises very fast. That’s a very nice thing about camping in the Southwest. We peeled off the layers of our warm clothes, pulled out our cameras, and started taking photos of the views from our camp. Here it is our backyard for today.

Image: view from the campsite at Escalante National Monument

The table was already set up the previous evening. We only put away food to avoid attracting animals to our camp. All we had to do in the morning was to make tea and breakfast. We took a short hike while the water was heating on the stove. This area provides a lot of rock climbing opportunities.

Image: our campsite at Escalante National Monument

After breakfast, we packed our minivan and started driving toward Bryce Canyon. Visiting Bryce Canyon was the first experience for both of us. We were eager to learn about its geography and immense beauty.

Bryce Canyon

As we approached Bryce Canyon we immediately learned that the word “canyon” is a misnomer. Bryce Canyon is an escarpment. The image below depicts a set of large rugged amphitheaters.

Image: Bryce Canyon, long view

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